Chemical peels are a great option to treat and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation problems, mild acne scarring, age spots, and to improve the overall look and feel of skin. A chemical peel can help to reverse many of these problems with significant improvement in the overall texture and tone of your skin.

There are a variety of chemical peels at South Miami Dermatology to choose from, with many requiring little to no downtime. Our peels include glycolic peels, salicyclic peels, and Jessner’s Peels. The peel that is chosen for you will depend on your goals and the amount of down time that you can tolerate.

The procedure only lasts a few minutes. Once applied to the skin, the treatment encourages the removal of dead skin cells, reinvigorating the face. Patients have reported warmth, tingling, and then some mild burning at the end of the procedure. Cool compresses often help to eliminate most discomfort.

Depending on the depth and type of peel, your skin will become red the first few days followed by exfoliation and peeling. A series of these peels spaced out several weeks apart can help to make a tremendous improvement in your skin quality. After the treatments, your skin will have a more vibrant and softer look with a reduction in pigmentation and fine wrinkles, improving the quality of your skin.

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Dr GDr. Georgette Rodriguez is a board-certified dermatologist in Miami, Florida who provides her patients with only the most advanced and up to date dermatologic care available. She received her medical degree from University of Florida College of Medicine and has been in practice 15+ years. Dr. Rodriguez accepts several types of health insurance. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and the American Society for Mohs Surgery. She specializes in complete dermatology services including medical, cosmetic, and pediatric dermatology.  She is one of 14 doctors at Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System who specialize in Dermatology. To make an appointment, please call her office at 305-667-5480.