Hormonal acne affects teenagers and adults alike. Hormones often affect sebum production at the base of hairs. This usually happens when testosterone is present and causes the glands to secrete oil. The menstrual cycle and pregnancy are known triggers for hormonal acne. Continue reading to learn more about hormonal acne and what you can do to improve the situation.

What causes female hormonal acne?

As a woman, your body balances hormones carefully to keep it balanced. Unfortunately, some women experience the offset of testosterone, which is the common cause of female acne.

Does stress cause acne?

It’s possible. The oily substance “sebum” is responsible for creating acne cysts and pimples. It is a mixture of bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil that clogs hair follicles. Scientists have revealed cells that produce sebum do have receptors for stress hormones. This means emotional stress can cause the production of sebum and cause acne to become worse during stressful times in your life. Basically, increased stress levels cause your skin to produce stress hormones such as cortisol that stimulates your oil glands in an effort to make testosterone.

How to lower your stress level?

If stress is an issue in your life and it’s the cause of acne, you need to learn a few stress-busting techniques. The following tips will help you control your stress level.

  • Meditation – Learn to meditate. Basically, you sit still in a quiet area indoors or outdoors, breathe deeply and clear your mind. You can listen to calming music also to help you escape the stress of daily life. Meditating for ten minutes per day has helped many people take control of their stress. If you want to learn more about meditating techniques you can find more details online.
  • Slow Down – The source of a lot of people’s stress is a fast-paced lifestyle. If you are rushing through your day from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, you need to slow down. Learning time management and creating a schedule is helpful.
  • Improve Problem Solving Skills – Everyone has problems in their life at some point. However, solving the issues are often difficult for most people. You can learn problem-solving skills by searching online or hiring a life coach to help you manage your life better.

Hormonal acne can be treated successfully with the help of a dermatologist. If eating a healthy diet, exercising, practicing good personal hygiene and managing your stress levels don’t help improve your acne condition, seek assistance immediately. Take action towards a happier you by making an appointment with us today!

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