You most likely grew up with people telling you to wash your face a few times a day. As a child, you were probably outdoors more often playing in the yard and exposed to the elements. So, washing your face a few times a day to remove dirt and grime was understood. However, as an adult, people either don’t wash their face enough or they wash it too much. The following information should help you decide the right amount of times to wash your face per day.

Washing Your Face Frequently

Those of you that take extra care of your skin and wash your face more than twice a day might be causing more harm than good. Washing your face several times per day might seem like a good idea since logically it seems like you are keeping your skin clean. However, there’s a possibility the frequent washing is irritating your skin and causing blemishes and other skin problems.

Not Washing Your Face Enough

Some people are lazy or afraid to wash their face twice per day. Some people might not have time in their daily schedule, others tend to think if they wash their face it will just cause more problems with their skin. Finding the balance is essential to having healthy skin. In general, washing your face twice per day is recommended.

When to Wash Your Face

Generally, you want to wash your face in the morning to remove bacteria buildup that formed while you were sleeping. Wash your face with a soft cleanser and apply moisturizer and SPF to your skin. The second time of the day you should wash your face is at night before you go to sleep. You need to remove the dirt, oil, and bacteria that built up during the day while you were exposed to the elements.

Exfoliating Your Skin

If you have ever seen someone with beautiful skin and was brave enough to ask them their secret, it most likely was exfoliating regularly. Exfoliating your skin removes dirt and bacteria trapped deep in your pores. It also removes dead skin and exposes vibrant healthy toned skin. If you ever had the pleasure of having your skin exfoliated or did it yourself at home, you know the beautiful skin it reveals.

Washing your face twice per day, once in the morning and once at night will help keep your skin healthy. Everyone has different issues that need to be addressed by a professional. It is best to speak to us to determine the best skin regimen suited for you.